Thomas Crook

Thomas Crook


Thomas Crook 'Home for destitute Pirates'. Where once stood the proud travel agent, Thomas Crook, run by the renegade crew of the jolly dodger, now stands a dilapidated building, a last resort, a safe haven for the few pirates that remain. Rambling freebooters and buccaneers memorabilia and artifacts from the days of providing travel service to Boomtowns guests scattered. Growing pressures from BangHai a mutiny and a minor indiscretion at the bank did not benefit them as much as hoped... But! Where there's Pirates, there's a way. Come inside for a parley, sponsor a pirate maybe, even pick up a few tickets to anywhere. Surely there's someone on board who can tell a few tales of Boomtowns past, present and of things to come.

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