The Red Herring

The Red Herring


Aarrrrr it be that time of year again... The Pirates have woken .... Beards are getting unfurled, stumps and pegs polished, rum on the brew, sails getting hoovered and plans and schemes are in motion. We helped cause quite a commotion at Boomtown last year assisting the keeping safe of Mr Nicholas Boom and in turn the fall of Bang Hai Industries so whats next? Well now AMI has control of the city Banghai's A.I, the machine that can't be stopped!? Well neither can the crew of Thomas Crook. AMI isn't the only one with the information and not all information should be digitized for eternity........... The pirates have an idea……. You can always trust a pirate, we'll look after your privacy (sort of) ...for a price....

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