Rimski's Yard

Rimski's Yard


Rimski‘s Yard with The Melodrome Time Travelling Variety Theatre continues to thrive as one of the longest standing independent business establishments in Oldtown. Indeed new enterprises are emerging in this hive of invention which seems to be expanding into somewhat of an umbrella organisation... Rimski’s Yard “we mend anything” is the homestead of Rimski & Handkerchief widely known for their magical mobile machines the Bicycle Piano and Double Bassicle. With an upgrade of premises and a mysterious new machine on wheels this year’s umbrella services are taken to an astonishing next level... The Melodrome Time Travelling Theatre had such fun last year in the yard they are back for a second year cutting short their journey through the time space continuum once again they will bring you non stop around the clock entertainment.... With all manner of musical & theatrical shenanigans special guest cabaret fortune telling The Licentious Library Turntable Art see-saw time & umbrellas galore. Join us in this haven of invention and recycling prepare to be amazed. Tea will be served. 

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