Rimski's Yard

Rimski's Yard


Rimski's Yard with The Melodrome Time Travelling Variety Theatre. Unperturbed by the ongoing threat of eviction and having resolved all tax issues (thanks to the new shredder) Rimski's Yard continues to thrive as one of the longest standing independent business establishments in Oldtown. Business has been Booming in this hive of invention. Jimmy's shop has expanded into the next door premises and we see new side-lines springing up around the yard. Loosen your morals at Twydall Crumblepatch's Animal Menagerie, have a go on the Bucking Bronco and see Rimski's mobile musical machines. Producing quality from scrap manufacturing, miraculous modifications and renovating reclamations. Repairs of all kinds are undertaken whilst you wait, umbrellas remain a speciality. As well as all of these valuable services, Rimski's yard is the place to come for musical bicycle performances, variety acts, bands and wild parties. This year the stars have aligned and following a lengthy voyage through time and imagination including Napoleon's third retirement party and the infamous Music Hall Wars of 1907, The Melodrome Time Traveling Variety Theatre conceived and nurtured by the late Chas Ambler original resident of the yard lands in a blaze of glory, to light up the yard with their vintage stage providing non-stop entertainment day and night. You are most welcome to make yourself comfortable amidst this junk filled paradise. Tea will be served.



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