Mama Jinx

Mama Jinx


Stand back, take a breath and expect to be slapped on all sides as you enter the Theatre Of Earthly De-Frights, hosted by Mama Jinx. Roll on in and don’t be shy, they have arrived with glistening grin and hoards of dazzling freaks all ravenous to put on a show for you. Enter a new realm of circus, one that harks back loudly to Old Town's Vaudeville roots. Keep those glitter eyes glued to the stage. Mama Jinx’s is here to provide soul nourishment and spark new life into weary, wandering festival goer. Arriving hand in hand with the scallywags of break core and balkan beats, Bristol’s home grown Contraband Circus will be providing bass delights late into the night. The Theatre of Earthly DeFrights is one slice of Boomtown that you won’t be able to miss or ever forget. With love, Mama Jinx

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