After extensive renovations, bribery and corruption, Jimmy's is pleased to announce the opening of a new and improved larger venue. We are able to present the all new "Bucking Bronco Shooting Gallery" with prizes of dubious quality; the vibrating apocalypse that is "The Earthquake Scenario"; and for all of you thrillseekers "The Virtual Reality Experience". A sensory overload! We shall also feature the usual daily ball fights and Thump a Trump will be making an appearance. For rest and relaxation we proudly present the quiet time beanbag chillout area, as well as the exclusive VIP lounge for the more discerning customer. Our new attractions include: A daily "Build a Boomtown Bear" workshop (make a toy you didn't even know you wanted) and the "Goth Off" - an '80s based dance competition. Our international roster of DJ's of all genders will provide rare groove, funk, soul, disco and old techno: a historic journey on the wheels of steel (we'll have none of your new stuff here). The free Labelling Service with giveaway stickers as usual: judge not lest ye be judged. Everyone welcome at the all new improved Jimmy's...

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