Da Graaff’s Reformatory

Da Graaff’s Reformatory


Da Graaff's Reformatory - Electric chair Treatment.

The electric chair housed in Da Graaff's Reformatory was built in 1923 for the Texan State Penitentiary and was in use from 1923 to 1937. In 1782 executions were undertaken in this chair during its dark history in the American prison system. Evidence of finger nail scratches and singed hair can still be found on the chair. In the spirit of recycling Da Graaff's Reformatory has modified the chair from its dark past to offer new and positive health care packages via the Bang-Hai Industries Private Medicare Scheme. Da Graaff's Reformatory offers the valiant citizens of Boomtown character realignment through specialized individually designed, high voltage treatment packages to ease their journey towards utopian consumerism. The power of electricity is expertly harnessed to realign deviant and destructive character traits, found in the misguided through scientifically proven high voltage mind reset techniques. We also offer the free removal of unauthorized subversive tattoos which promote risk to social cohesion and hinder consumer happiness.

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