Costume Inspo with The Trash Club

Costume Inspo with The Trash Club

This year for the first time Saturday will be our costume day where we invite all Boomtown citizens to dress up to the theme of celebration and maximalism. We want you to give everything you’ve got. Upcycle that wardrobe and elevate everything you’ve got to the extravagant end but please don’t go out and buy anything new. 

We spoke to Matthew Needham, chief of The Trash Club and sustainability lead at St. Martins, and we brought him your Instagram questions about the costume day, sustainable festival fashion and maximalism.

It's a tough one to decipher but honestly, the best advice I can give is to investigate the brands for yourself and decide whether or not that company lives up to your own expectations and values before purchasing from them. Alternatively, there are a lot of great resources online, for example the Fashion Revolution 'Transparency Index' you can find online here.

I'm not an expert on glitter I have to say, but one that comes to mind is run by a friend called 'Disco Dust London' where you can buy biodegradable glitter.

Doing the most! Going all out, but do it in your own way.

I would utilise the opportunity to dress up in a way that you wouldn't usually allow yourself to - in a way that pushes your boundaries. Thinking about reusing a repurposing, could you think outside of the box and wear your broken tent, for example?

Depop is a great way to filter options when buying second hand garments. For me, I find it to be a super useful platform to filter for my size, styles I like, fabrics and price range - I would definitely suggest looking there. Alternatively, could you get creative and upcycle something that makes you feel great?

Definitely a supporter of wearing garments more than once! Own it. Thinking about changing things up, try and gather some inspiration if it doesn't come to you naturally, or why not share with a friend?

Second Hand is always my go to for affordable sustainable clothing. If that's not for you, could you upcycle something yourself?

In the villages! We will be bringing our 'Trash Talk' to the speakers tents so be sure to come along - we look forward to seeing you there.

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