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Following the recent cancellation of Boomtown, this August we are hoping to be able to put on a new mini-event called Boom Village. Taking place over 12th-15th August 2021 at the Matterley Estate, Boom Village will be a fun, intimate and magical celebration with a few thousand friends and families from around the local area. 

Tickets are available for anyone who lives in an SO postcode, or those who live within the South Downs National Park. The festival will host DJs and live music across a few of the woodland stages and a central stage. There will also be walkabout performers, workshops, talks and a kids village. 

As the first gathering we’ve been able to host in two years, we want to use this opportunity to put on a small event especially for our local community that we are so lucky to be part of. It will be a chance for the core team to channel our ambition and creativity into trialling out new environmental initiatives for future years of Boomtown in order to ensure that the festival will re-emerge in the absolute best possible way for many years to come.

Why are you running Boom Village for locals only?

When it became clear that due to the limitations on and uncertainties surrounding mass gatherings we could only put on an event in August that had a capacity of 4,000 people, we felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to put on a stand-alone, alternative event, especially for our local community that we are so lucky to be part of.  

By staying local to the area we can minimise disruption and the impact of travel from further afield, and use the opportunity to explore new sustainability initiatives. In addition to this, due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID, by keeping it local we can manage the impact of any potential regional spikes in the future, reduce the risks and remain operating in a COVID secure environment. 

Given the restrictions on capacity, this event is a mere fraction of the size of the festival which meant we couldn’t offer everyone the opportunity to attend without disappointing 90% of our wonderful ticket holders. To be as fair as possible and taking into consideration the impact of COVID, we felt in these unprecedented times it was right to give back to our local community. 

How are you able to put on Boom Village but had to cancel Boomtown? 

We had to postpone Boomtown because of the financial risk of putting on a festival of Boomtown’s size and complexity, without the vital security of Government-funded insurance during the uncertainty of the pandemic. In addition, the government's roadmap cut short the build time making it impossible to deliver a complex show of the size and scale of Boomtown.  

Boom Village has a fraction of the capacity and is within the existing Government COVID secure guidelines for mass gatherings. This not only significantly reduces the build time required but it allows us to effectively incorporate all of the COVID restrictions from the outset; from planning right through to delivery. 

Are you using income generated by Boomtown Fair ticket sales in 2021 to fund Boom Village?

No, it is not possible for us to use the money generated by ticket sales to Boomtown festival to fund Boom Village. In line with industry-standard practice, the income generated by ticket sales is held by a merchant bank account until the 2022 event; it is held in trust. This protects the customer’s money, ensuring it can be refunded to them should we not deliver the event.  Boomtown only receives the ticket income once the festival has taken place. Boom Village is being funded purely by Boom Village ticket sales.  

How can I apply for Boom Village tickets?

If you live in the local area (SO Postcodes or South Downs) sign up here to receive an application form and everything you need to know about Boom Village. Head to our Boom Village minisite here

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