The Citizen-to-Citizen reselling platform is here!

Need to sell your Boomtown ticket or add ons? 

Ticket Sellers have been working hard on a way to make sure that you can pass these on securely, and now we can announce the secure citizen-to-citizen reselling platform is here! 

Through the Ticket Sellers new functionality, you can generate a secure link for your tickets and pass this on to someone to safely purchase. 

If you don't have someone to buy your ticket we're also offering an open refund until 17th May! All of these tickets will be included in the public resale on 1st June. 

Please give the following FAQ’s a thorough read to find out more about which tickets are eligible, how to do it and how to make sure you're purchasing from a legit link:

Boomtown Refunds & Citizen to Citizen Reselling FAQ's

How can I resell my tickets securely to someone I know?

To use the citizen-to-citizen reselling system, you will need to log into your TicketSellers account and follow ‘How to Sell your Tickets’ to generate your own ticket link. You will then be able to share your ticket link with someone who wishes to purchase your tickets and this will give them a secure way to purchase your tickets through TicketSellers. Once your tickets have been sold you will then be refunded by TicketSellers for the price of the sold tickets.

Do I have to sell my ticket to someone or can I just get a refund?

Yes, you can simply get a refund. We are opening refunds on 29th March until 17th May. These are available on all tickets and can be requested by logging into your TicketSellers account, clicking on refunds and rollovers and selecting which tickets you’d like to refund. This refund will be processed by the team within 28 days. 

When is the public ticket resale happening?

The public resale will take place on the 1st June and will be made up of refunded tickets and instalment tickets that weren’t paid off, sign up here to register your interest in the resale. 

Do I have to sell all my tickets at once or can I sell individual tickets? 

When you generate a secure link through the citizen-to-citizen reselling platform you can choose exactly which tickets are bundled together to sell on. For example, if you have 2 entry tickets and a Camp Orchid pass, you could choose to resell 1 entry ticket and a Camp Orchid pass together. 

I purchased a Public Transport Saver ticket, can I just resell the transport I purchased with it? 

No, Public Transport Saver tickets can only be sold on as the full package. This package must include the Public Transport Saver travel ticket and the accompanying coach, shuttle bus or cycle ticket.  

Can I change the transport option if I purchase someone's public transport saver ticket?

Yes, you can change the transport option after you have purchased the ticket. Please contact Ticket Sellers on 0121 472 6688 and they will talk you through the process. 

Can I sell my transport tickets if they are not attached to a Public Transport Saver Ticket?

All coaches and other transport options can be re-sold separately as long as they are not part of a Public Transport Saver package. 

Can I resell my ticket even though I brought it on an instalment plan? 

Instalment tickets can be sold once they have been paid off in full. Any customers on a Pay by May instalment plan will need to wait until they have made their final payment on the plan before they can put the ticket up for re-sale.

Which tickets can not be sold via the reselling service? 

The following ticket types cannot be sold through the citizen-to-citizen reselling platform, however, you can request a refund for them:

Free PA Tickets, Child Tickets and Complimentary Adult Entry tickets (e.g. competition winner, Boomtown Ambassador Rewards) can’t be passed on via the reselling platform either but we kindly ask that if you no longer need them you still request a ‘refund’ as that means we’ll be able to pass the spaces on to someone else. 

Can I sell my Family Campervan / Meadow Campervan / Meadow car park tickets?                                    

You can sell your specific car park and campervan tickets but please bear in mind that they will revert to standard campervan tickets. If the new customer would like to swap back to a family or meadow pass they can contact TickerSellers or our Access Team who can make the swap subject to them meeting the criteria. 

Can I resell my Camp Orchid, Camplight and/or Tangerine Fields booking?

Camp Orchid, Camplight and Tangerine Fields can be resold through the citizen-to-citizen platform. Don’t forget to include any extras like bedding you may have bought alongside these bookings. 

Do I have to pay a booking fee on resold tickets?

Yes, a booking fee will apply. All new tickets will be subject to the same booking fees as the original ticket type. Customers who are re-selling their ticket will not be refunded their booking fees.

How can I ensure that a ticket I am purchasing through the resale system is legit?

The ticket link will have this URL: - lookout for the padlock symbol next to the URL too. 

I have bought a discounted ticket for Local Residents. Can I get a refund on my ticket?  

Yes, you can get a refund on your discounted Local Resident ticket. All you need to do is log into your account, click on refunds and rollovers and select which tickets you would like to refund. This will then be processed within 28 days. If you have any queries regarding the ticket refund process, please contact directly. If you have any queries following that you can always then contact Katie at 

I have bought a discounted ticket for Local Residents. Can I sell this to someone I know?

No, you can not sell a discounted local ticket to someone you know. However, you can get a refund on your discounted Local Resident ticket. 

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