Please leave no trace & drive home safely!
Wait, that’s not our Monday message this year is it!? 😂

Even though we weren’t physically together this year, you guys joined in with all the Live from your Living Room activities in your THOUSANDS! ❤️

We were blown away with the support during our live streams this weekend and by your fantastic creations at home. We’ll be sharing some of our favourite submissions soon but, for now, if you missed any of the 25 HOURS of streams you can catch up on all of them on YouTube here!

Again, a HUGE shout out to Twisted Time Machine & Postal Posse as well as all of our other venues and crews, and of course you at home for your fantastic streams and videos.

As was the theme throughout the weekend it looks like the scammers are back and there are LOADS of fake event pages for the 2021 event doing the rounds... Please note that NONE of these are the real one as we haven't created it yet!
That will come in a few weeks and will be launched directly from us... xx

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