Instalment Ticket Holder Update

If you purchased an instalment ticket before 10th February you'll know that your next payment is due this Friday 3rd April. However, in light of the current situation we wanted to look into to see what we might be able to do to take the pressure off people in this uncertain and unique time in all our lives...
After working it through with our ticket partners, we hope you’ll be happy to hear that we are able to alter the instalment ticket payments to lower monthly payments. The revised smaller amounts will be between £40 - £50 (depending on which ticket type you purchased) and are now spread over three remaining instalments, scheduled between April - June. 

We sincerely hope this will assist those of you who have been negatively impacted by the current global situation, and give everyone a bit of breathing space.

The final two instalments will be due on 3rd May and 3rd June. You can find a breakdown of all costs for each payment type here:

Please ensure that you have the correct funds in your bank from midnight tomorrow (Thursday 2nd April) to make sure that this payment doesn't bounce.

Some more important instalment reminders:

〰 If you have lost or replaced your bank card since you booked your ticket, you must update your payment details ASAP. Head to ‘My Payment Details’ in your Ticket Sellers account to see how.

〰 Please add to your safe senders list to make sure that their emails don't end up in your junk folders.⁣

〰 After the payment is attempted, please note, it could take up to four days for you to get an automated email confirming whether the payment was successful or unsuccessful. Please look out for this so that you can take action ASAP and make sure you don't lose your ticket if your payment is for some reasons declined.

〰 After this Friday’s instalment, the next payment will be taken on 3rd May and the same process as above applies, so please ensure the funds are cleared in your account by midnight the day before instalment payment is due. 

〰 You can find out how much each payment is by heading here [LINK]⁣

〰 If you have any concerns or queries about this process, please contact Ticket Sellers directly on 

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