Boomtown COVID-19 Status Update 26.03.20

Dearest friends,

What strange times we live in… ❤️❤️❤️

When we dreamt up the ‘State of Emergency’ show for 2020 we could never have predicted we’d be living it in quite such a realistic way, and we want to start by sending our sincerest love and thoughts to absolutely everyone in these really uncertain times. It’s a huge task to navigate through, and for all those working tirelessly on the front line, we stand in absolute awe and solidarity with you all. 

Here is our COVID-19 update as of 26th March 2020:

Whilst we are all living in an ever evolving situation with daily updates from the government drip feeding information and actions out, the world does feel somewhat flipped on its head. There are no clear or definite pathways to be able to see exactly where we’ll be in 2 weeks time, let alone by August...

However, since we are scheduled for the end of summer and that the peak is still expected through May and June; as per our previous statement, we are still working towards being able to bring us all together for an almighty celebration come August, should the situation allow, and of course, we get the all clear for mass gatherings by then.  

Although this entire global situation is rife with uncertainty, one thing we do know, is that the world, and our events industry, will look very different to how it did a few weeks ago… This means we are going to take immediate and decisive action to pre-empt the far reaching knock on effect of this, to do our best to protect the event for our ticket holders, crew, contractors and the wider festival and events industry as a whole.  

As a core team with decades of event experience between us, we’ve been scrutinising all the moving parts that are included in producing such a complex show as ours and consulting with external advisers on the best way forward. After taking all things into consideration we are working towards Boomtown Chapter 12 being a more intimate experience, one that caters for a smaller number of citizens than we have grown to in recent years... 

What does this mean:

Imagine a Boomtown world… A carefully crafted world more intimate than before. Continuing to house spectacular stages with jaw dropping designs and handcrafted sets to lose yourself in. Imagine epic circus shows on the main stages fused with many of the musical entertainers, performance makers and headliner artists who have already been released, imagine a new world bursting with community, comradery and creativity, yet all within a shorter walking distance.

This is the world we are now building,  and it’s immensely exciting! We’re working round the clock on everything that is within our power to bring this to life for us all in August. We will release full details about the reworked plans as and when it is appropriate over the coming months.  

We also know many of you will be wondering about postponement. We would be naive to not also be planning for this and can confirm that all current ticket holders’ tickets will  be valid for the next installment of Boomtown, whenever that may be, if it comes to that.. 

For now, we will continue to focus on positivity, community and proactive things to help us all find a way through what the next few weeks hold for us. Be sure to check in on our social channels for regular updates. 

As always, please look after yourselves, check in on the vulnerable, care for your neighbours, and keep your inner lights shining bright.  We’ll be back with more updates soon.

If you would like any further information then please follow our COVID-19 specific updates here.

Biggest love,


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