Physical distancing, not social distancing ❤

Physical distancing, not social distancing ❤

In light of everything that is going on around the world, we want to use this space to spread some much-needed positivity far and wide over the next couple of weeks!

An update from HQ we're all working incredibly hard behind the scenes (from home now, not HQ!) to bring you the most incredible show for Chapter 12. But for those of you self-isolating, working from home, and everyone still heading out to work who need a distracting, relaxing end to a hard day out in the world, we'll be sharing tips for stress relief, advice for making a difference in your local communities, throwback mixes & sets, and loads more...

But this isn't just about what we want to see, we'd love to hear from you, our amazing community on what you'd like to explore together how we can help each other through these difficult times before we all come together again for one almighty celebration in August.

Physical distancing, not social distancing

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