Boomtown COVID-19 status update 13.03.20

Firstly, we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the incredible people who continue to support us and are still buying tickets in such a positive way, and to all of you who are keeping your faith in tens of thousands of us being able to come together to dance again in August!! ❤️ It's so amazing to see!! As a completely independent event, your positivity throughout the next few months really will make all of the difference in being able to navigate our way through this.

In light of the government's response to the current COVID-19 viral pandemic yesterday, even though our event isn't until August, there is understandably a lot of confusion and uncertainty over the current situation.

To help steer us through this tricky time, we’ve pulled together some current answers to a handful of the most common queries we’ve been getting in over the past week or so. See below for a few Q&As, but please remember this is an ever-unfolding situation and we will, of course, keep providing regular updates on where we’re at this end as we venture further into this path of unknowns.

Until next time dear friends, thanks again for your support, wash your hands, keep yourselves, your loved ones and neighbours safe, and look out for those more vulnerable than ourselves.

Biggest love,
Boomtown ❤️

FAQ’s 👉

Q. Will Boomtown take place in August?
In short, yes. We’ve been in back to back meetings over the past week or so, horizon scanning, scenario planning and running various risk assessments (sadly running a festival isn’t just about dreaming up fantasy worlds, with amazing sets, incredible artists and insanely exciting adventures!) Obviously, with an event as complex as ours, there’s an immense amount of moveable parts to consider, but for now, we feel it’s very likely we will still be in a position to deliver a show of spectacular offering in August.

Q. What happens if all events are cancelled for the foreseeable future?
If the government forces all events to cancel for an unspecified amount of time then the uncertainty does creep back in, but we would still absolutely keep plans in motion to hold the festival in August. After looking at all the medical predictions and advice coming from UK government, Public Health England, the NHS and the World Health Organisation, it is understood, at this time, that by August the main threat of COVID-19 should have dissipated and most industries should be back up and running. We will of course constantly monitor this as more unfolds over the coming months.

Q. Can I get my money back if the event is cancelled?
Although cancellation is a highly unlikely scenario, there are full details on our cancellation policy in our T&Cs. More info here:
However, if you are worried about what might happen if you can't make the festival because, for instance, you or a family member are ill, we are now offering ticket insurance with Booking Protect. Please note you can only buy this at the point of purchase, unfortunately, this is only available for new ticket purchases and cannot be added to previous bookings. Please refer to Booking Protect for full Ts & Cs.

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