Forest Parties Part 1 Lineup Announcement | District 3/15

Forest Parties Part 1 Lineup Announcement | District 3/15

In the depths of the forest lie Boomtown’s renowned Forest Parties. One of fifteen electrifying district announcements, Forest Parties: Part One, presents the best of Reggae, Dancehall and Dub to celebrate reggae roots and soundsystem culture. Nestled amongst the trees are two of Boomtown’s main stages, Hidden Woods and Tangled Roots. With their very own beach bar and treetop walks, these stages will transport you to the jungle. 

Headlining Hidden Woods are UK Dub icons and purveyors of reggae, Zion Train, who will be bringing positive vibrations and groundbreaking mixes alongside live vocals and instruments. Jesse Royal, will be performing some of his latest tracks, set to inspire and unite people across borders with his profound lyricism and restless artistic spirit, bringing reggae back to its roots whilst introducing a diverse musical taste. Jungle legend, Congo Natty, is set to rumble the jungle with heavy, high tempo ragga beats whilst the last (but by no means the least) of the Hidden Woods headliners, The Heatwave, are a definite must-see and sure to bring the sunshine with their explosive dancehall rhythms.

Jungle favourite, Gardna will be returning with the enchanting voice of Hollie Cook and Sarah Lugo will be gracing the stage with her unique, soulful voice that blends a folk-like earnestness, with the sophistication of jazz and fresh hip hop beats. Lugo experiments with different genres and her unique style adds a new flavour to the genre she loves the most -  reggae. Another female powerhouse and true roots reggae pioneer, Nkulee Dubee, is guaranteed to stun Boomtown reggae fans with her powerful stage presence, bringing a fiery fusion of ethno-soul, jazz and ragga. Aleighcia Scott has also exploded onto the reggae scene in recent years and Boomtown is excited to welcome her back for another soulful performance.

In another of Boomtown’s woodland areas is Tangled Roots, powered by the renowned Lionpulse & Sinai Sound Systems. Co-founder of the legendary dubstep label DMZ, Mala, will stir up a musical melting pot of contemporary electronic music, alongside Pinch, who fuses reggae, world music, dancehall and dubstep - a combination that is guaranteed to get people moving. Kahn & Neek will be side by side blasting fresh beats and sturdy bassline whilst the O.B.F. reggae and dub soundsystem crew ft Sr Wilson & J Man will bring with them an explosive energy and international mix of singjay styles. Meanwhile, one of Bristol’s finest, heralding a new wave of soundsystem DJs, Sasha Steppa, will be giving us a taste of roots and culture vinyl.

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