Forgotten Valley Lineup Announcement | District 2/15

Forgotten Valley Lineup Announcement | District 2/15

We are so excited to introduce our brand new district Forgotten Valley! Positioned in the very centre of the festival, Forgotten Valley’s values of community, connection, health and healing are at the Heart of Boomtown Fair. This newly evolved district brings together the ancient festival roots found at the old Whistler’s Green - with inspiring workshops, unique crafts, and ambient acoustic, soul and folk music - which will sit alongside the imaginative, magical adventures of Kidztown.

Central to blending the past with the present is Ancient Futures, an inclusive, holistic space that is dedicated to the importance of building new and sustainable futures. It is packed full of inspirational speakers, workshops and artists as well as 100s of workshops surrounding the area which includes; circus and dance, yoga, Tai Chi and massage, all led by world experts. There is also a healing zone, an area devoted to green innovation and a host of welcoming jam spaces for budding musicians. 

The intimate Floating Lotus venue provides a haven of acoustic, folk and soul with acts such as; Welsh family band Baby Queens and their mix of hip hop, rock, soul and reggae, Dila V & The Odd Beats Turkish folk mixed with irresistible Balkan dance beats, Glaswegian The Girobabies, the incredible folk wordsmith Rachael Dadd and duo Sound of the Sirens with their diverse soundtracks amongst many others.

Family friendly and multi-generational spaces are so important and right next to Forgotten Valley is Kidztown, perfectly placed to enjoy the benefits of this family orientated district. With a programme that is designed to ignite the passions of Boomtown’s young festival goers it provides them with a voice and a space that they can express themselves in, whilst also exploring the inspiring depths of their imaginations. Children can choose to take part in Kidztown FM, enjoy the street full of interactive venues, discover the Wildwood Forest School and make use of the Krafty Kidz tent. They can experience a host of family theatre, comedy and circus performances, expand their scientific horizons and take part in any of the 100s of workshops available.

Families can also sit back and listen to a musical programme that is specifically tailored to younger ears that features artists from across all of the festival districts. Firm Kidztown favourites kick start proceedings with Fun DMC, Junior Jungle and Bhangra Tots bring their versions of specific age appropriate reggae and dancehall spectacula and the finest drum and bass, jungle and hip hop remixes for the most upbeat of parties that are designed for both kids and adults alike.  Additionally, Too Many T’s bring their rap and hip hop, The Flamenco Thief delivers a unique blend of gypsy-jazz, rumba and ska fused together with intricate Flamenco guitar techniques and DJ Zel, one of the youngest and fast rising DJ’s on the circuit.

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