Last year was a big year for our Green Mission and we wanted to take the chance to thank all of YOU as well as our crew and artists who came together to make some really big changes...⁣

♻️We reduced our overall carbon footprint by 17%!!
🏕 80% of you took your tents and equipment home⁣
🗑 You reduced waste by 10% (per person per day) and recycled and reused 43%⁣
💦We banned single-use plastic bottles preventing 225,000 plastic bottles and reduced plastic waste by 3.9 tonnes⁣
 We reduced energy consumption by 21%⁣
🌳 We planted 71,725 trees with Tree Sisters⁣
🚘 We balanced the CO2 from public and artist car travel (537,805 travel miles) by investing in solar panels for school roofs⁣
💸You raised £18k for Winchester Action On Climate Change⁣
🚌43% of you arrived via public transport & 32% car shared⁣
🏁 68% of you said you'd now be more inclined to join an environmental protest in real life.⁣

Stay tuned as we announce more of our #GreenMission initiatives for 2020 and how you can get involved! x

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