Boomtown Halloween ticket FAQs

Boomtown Halloween ticket FAQs

Wow. All Halloween events, across both weekends are now sold out! We can’t wait to see you all again in November!! If you didn't get a ticket or you have other Boomtown Halloween ticket related questions, we've answered them here... 💀

It sold out & I didn't get a ticket! What can I do?

Please DO NOT purchase Boomtown Halloween tickets privately or via 3rd party platforms.  Please add yourself to the waiting list on your preferred date to have the chance to be matched with a seller if a ticket becomes available

Ticket waiting lists:

Friday 1st Nov, Saturday 2nd Nov, Friday 8th Nov, Saturday 9th Nov

I can't come any more, how can I sell my ticket?

The Ticket Fairy has a secure method to resell your ticket - please do not buy or sell Boomtown Halloween tickets privately or via third party platforms.

There is an official 'Sell Ticket' button in your order on The Ticket Fairy website that you can use to transfer tickets securely. This is the only way for buyers to buy safely as the transaction is handled by Ticket Fairy and a fresh ticket is issued in your name.

This gives you a choice of transferring a ticket to someone specific or just to someone on the waiting list. 

Find full instructions here.

I bought tickets for all my friends but now they aren't in the right names! How can I change that?

You can login to your The Ticket Fairy account and use the 'Edit' button to amend your ticket. More info here.

What’s the line-up?

The two main rooms will feature high energy live music whilst the smaller rooms will host the spectrum of reggae, techno, house, dnb and disco for the full Boomtown experience with the usual immersive theatrics between!  We'll be announcing the various rooms and themes soon but you'll have to wait until each night to see which special guests we've got in store for you... 

How do I get involved?

If you are a promoter, artist, performer or would like to enquire about getting involved in any other way please email

I have another question that isn't answered here!

Get in touch with us via or connect with us on the AREA 404 facebook

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