Campsite Waste - some good news!

Campsite Waste - some good news!

Taking on the industry-wide issue of campsite waste was without a doubt our biggest mission of the year 🌍

The sheer scale of the problem is so disheartening for us all, that after seeing the amount that people chose to waste in 2018 we had to think really hard about if we even wanted to run Boomtown again.

But instead, we committed to trying to change the disposable throwaway culture that has become so widespread and the biggest downfall of UK festivals.

Thankfully there has been an enormous shift in environmental awareness across the board and we did have some HUGE wins this year... 💚

Looking at the photos from 2018 / 2019 side by side, it's clear that massive changes were made. The campsites were much clearer of general rubbish during as well as after the festival and, in their audit, Comp-A-Tent discovered that the number of tents abandoned in 2018 (40%) had HALVED! 🙌

Thank you so, so much to everyone who contributed to making this change!! Witnessing hundreds of people together chanting RE-CY-CLE was magical, and a dramatic step forward... some campsite like Family Camping were left SPOTLESS and hundreds of you took to social media for #TakeYour competition (winners announced soon!) 🏆

However, this still leaves 20% of Boomtown goers thinking it's okay to leave their stuff behind. So, clearly, there is still a way to go...

However, we truly believe that 2020 will be the year to crack this completely.

We're all in this together, and we will do everything possible our end, so lets set the example inside the city and show the outside world it can be done! 🙏💪

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