Ticket Name & ID FAQs

Ticket Name & ID FAQs

As we get closer to the festival (less than a week, eeek!) we’re getting a large amount of inquiries about ID and festival tickets. Here are the answers to some of your frequently asked ID questions...

Ticket Names

My friend/partner’s ticket has come and has my name on it as well, is that okay?

You can change it in your account on TheTicketSellers, but if you’re entering together then you should be fine!

My accommodation/ zooloos /other thing has the lead bookers name on it not mine, what do I do? 

Panic not! It’s only your entry ticket that needs to match the name on your ID.

The name on my ticket is ‘JIM SMITH’ but the name on my ID is ‘JAMES SMITH’ (swap for similar!) will I still be able to get in?

Yes, this is at the discretion of security but if they are clearly similar variations then this is fine :) 

I’ve changed the name on my ticket twice already, can I change it again?

No, 2 changes are the limit. You can use TheTicketSellers resale platform to securely pass it on to someone though. To do this, please log into your account here and click on the green 'Resale ticket' link, the new ticket holder will be able to purchase the ticket securely with their own name. 

Forms of ID

Which forms of ID do you accept?

Photographic driving license, passport or proof of age card bearing the PASS hologram. We do not accept photos/photocopies!

My passport is out of date, is this okay?

We can accept this as long as it is recognisable and the picture isn’t wildly out of date, it will be down to the discretion of security. If you can please bring another form of photo ID to support (work, uni or similar). 

I’ve lost my passport and driving licence a week before the festival!

Uhoh. As it’s less than a week until the festival your best best is to look into getting an URGENT CitizenCard. (Their guidelines states this takes between 1 - 3 days).

I am VERY clearly over 25 ;) Do I still need ID for entry? 

We operate a challenge 25 policy on all gates and bars, if you’re lucky enough to look under the age of 25 you’ll be required to show ID. If you’re clearly over 25, you’ll need a bank card or similar to match your ticket name to. This is at the discretion of security and bar staff.

Boomtown News

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District Announcement: Kidztown

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Redefining family festival fun in a melting pot of mischievous mayhem for all ages; rave to Junior Jungle, FUN DMC and Big Fish Little Fish, get creative in one of the many workshops or escape to the Wild Woods for Forest School foraging...

From breakdancing gorillas to karaoke singing grans the wonders are endless in this haven for all generations ;) xx

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