Cut the camping hassle - pick up a pop up!

Cut the camping hassle - pick up a pop up!

Not an experienced camper?? Our new partnership with campsite waste charity Comp-a-tent makes it super easy for you to pick up a great quality tent on site.

Our new ‘pick-up a pop up’ tents can be ordered for £45.00 and picked up when you get here. Then after the festival, you can then either keep it and make it your forever friend OR bring it back and we’ll buy it off you for £10.00! We’ll then clean, and rehire these tents at the next event – making everything circular, so nothing is wasted!

This scheme is aimed at those travelling by public transport and the collection point is by the public transport gate. 

Book your 2-man Pop-Up Tent

It’s cheaper (per person per night) than any of our pre-pitched options AND unlike our pre-pitched options, you can choose to put it up wherever you like so you don’t have to split off from savvy pals who’ve brought their own tent...

We’ve done our research and have chosen this particular tent as it’s not just easy to pop-up, but it’s great quality, it even won an award…!

“It’s a 2-man pop-up, making it a perfect crash pad for one, or a cosy base for 2 people. This tent is the 2019 Tent Owner Award Winner, produced by the fantastic manufacturers Decathlon.”

Get on board with our ‘Take your Tent Home with you’ green mission and be apart of the change!

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