Beyond Boomtown: The Citizen’s Story

Beyond Boomtown: The Citizen’s Story

We’re making short documentary, which focuses on our journey over the last decade. It includes the inner workings of how the festival comes together, the communities that help create it and a glimpse into what the future holds… but where would this be without you?!

The citizens are what makes Boomtown - Boomtown, so we need your voices!!

We’d love to hear your stories and watch your videos... we’ve got the following prizes for our favourite, most interesting, most creative entries but any of the entries may be included within the film…


The competition is aimed at the public aged 18+ and families (Family submission must be made by a family member who is 18+). There are 4 prize packages  and they comprise of the following:

How to enter!

  1. We need 30-60 second videos that answer 3 or more of the following questions…

1) What is the most exciting thing about Boomtown for you?

2) What does being a citizen mean to you?

3) What are you most looking forward to most about Chapter 11?

4) If you have been before, talk about a favourite moment?

5) What are your preparations for reducing your environmental impact this year?

Video guidelines…

  1. At the end of the video you need to clearly state the following:  “I give my permission for Boomtown to use this video interview for the promotional purposes on this project - Beyond Boomtown - but also any future promotions that may be relevant.”
  2. Name your file with your full name, upload your video(s) to wetransfer, send as ‘link’ and fill in THIS FORM with that link and a bit more info.


If you’ve got any other short footage from the festival over the years that you think we’d like to see then please do send it over with your main video… Moments such as; engagements with character, big stages going off & moments of kindness!

Download all competition terms and conditions he

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