Green Mission Blog #2 - A Greener Festival Award

Emily's back with our monthly Green Mission update!

This month I attended the Green Events & Innovations conference (GEI) which welcomes over 200 industry leaders and professionals working to bring environmental and social sustainability to live events. GEI demonstrated the latest solutions and technologies for practical event management as well as crucial talks about challenges that need to be addressed.

Here are my highlights:

Listening to Mark Laurie (Eighth Plate), Nika Brunet (MetalDays), Xander Kotvis (DGTL), Maeve O’Brian (Giant Triplets), Richard Cassar (Noise Merch), Etty Isreli (CarbonCloud) about the impacts of animal farming on climate change and deforestation and how this impacts the live music industry.

Listening to Kierra Box (Friends of the Earth), Meegan Jones (Ocean Race), Holger Jan Schmidt (GO Group / Take a stand), Stephen Budd (Stephen Budd Music), Paul Schurink (Green Event), Ash Perrin (Flying Seagulls Project) learning about how Brexit is set up to impact the environment and what it could mean for food standards, procurement, waste recycling, plastics use, air quality and more. Plus, how socially conscious events work together with audiences and clients to call for necessary environmental protections.

Learning from Rob Scully (Zap Concepts), Faas Moonen (PowerVIBES), Dieter Castelein (Greener Power Solutions) about the true impact of fuel use and diesel generators and what realistic options are out there for a greener event. Plus witnessing exciting plans for a unique ‘Hybrid Unit’ named GEM-tower (Green Energy Mill), that combines a wind turbine, several types of more efficient solar panels and an improved battery which is being tested on several festivals We would love to welcome it at Boomtown.

Listening to Meegan Jones (Sustainable Event Alliance), Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival), Gareth Willams (Fairport Cropredy Convention), Ian Bates (Reel Brands), Jamie Hall (Pentatonic) discussing how we can transition festivals into the circular economy, the challenges of single use plastic including single use tents and how we can improve the culture of festival waste as well as the latest research into the behavioural psychology of campers.

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