DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENT: Psychedelic Gatherings

DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENT: Psychedelic Gatherings

Hot on the heels of the reggae announcement, we've has unveiled its bill topping line-up for its psytrance offerings;  showcasing yet another integral element of festival’s diverse musical line-up. Ramping up another level for Chapter 11, it’s guaranteed to bring the ever growing hi-tech, psy-dub and psy-core communities together to celebrate a line-up of international artists through to grassroots fresh talent across three dedicated psychedelic areas that make up the psychedelic gatherings.

Introducing the first of Boomtown’s 8 new stages, the spiritual pyramid design of the brand new stage Electric Forest is the very heart of the sacred grounds of the of the sun dappled dance floors.  Making its Boomtown debut with a massive line-up that includes the likes of Infected Mushroom who will be making a welcome return for a headlining retro live set, leading producer in the New Zealand psy scene Grouch Live Band, the multi talented Swiss artist Ajja and psychedelic trance and world wide sensation Liquid Soul with his distinctive fusion of trance and psychedelic trance who amongst many others are set to light up this striking new open air stage.

Complete with series of three takeovers on Friday Nano Records will front the Electric Forest with a half day takeover featuring Regan, Dick Trevor, Mandala, Sonic Species, Avalon and Tristan.  Saturday will see illumiNaughty take to the stage for a full day with the likes of Hypnocoustics,  Blastoyz, GMS, Pixel, Morten Granau and The Goblin with Altered States Music with a Sunday takeover including System 7, Tongue and Groove, Imagine Mars, DJ Moom, and NEO Live.

The multifarious, collective, communal nature of Tribe of Frog will yet again be present with Killerwatts,  Earthling the solo project of DJ Celli, Lucas with his diverse quality sounds, Materia one of Europe’s most groundbreaking psytrance artists and UK producers Antispin with their evolving atmospheric psychedelia.  

Hitechnicians will also provide the perfect stomping ground dedicated to the intense psychedelia as they embrace the dark arts of  the deepest underground sound. Artists include Allycat, Cybernetic Ghost, Forward Momentum, Speed Alliance and Stallic Overdose.  



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