Boomtown Community Outreach in 2018!

Boomtown Community Outreach in 2018!

Boomtown is not just for 5 days in August!

As part of our ongoing mission to bring the arts and music to access to all... our Kidztown outreach projects took us to Bristol, Winchester and Boomtown last year, in partnership with Bassline Circus with funding from Bristol City Council we created one of the most epic opening shows ever!

You can read more about our community outreach projects here!

Thanks to all our venue partners St Paul's Adventure Playground, Winchester Discovery Centre and Winnall Primary School. Our fantastic facilitators: Music intro produced by Keshav Chandradath Singh (Jus Now) with Eva Lazarus and Koroleko Moussa Dembele Circus Zambia Abi Kennedy and Tomasin Cuthbert Menes - costume Radio Platfform Theo Godson Company, Olivia Francis and Manuela Benini - dance Our carnival groups and performers: Natasha Benjamin Hype dance Bristol Paloma Styles -Cinco coco Mahogany Carnival Arts Jane Blackburn Non Comprende Sunshine International Arts London School of Samba Batala Portsmouth And finally, Natalia Colville Mia Harris Claire Horton @luke Mimi Clifford Lizzie Hall David Peverley Andrea Greenwood (and team) for making it happen! Big thanks to Gary Thomas, Clockwise and Hannah Tyson for this video.

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