Calling all creatives! Be a part of the story in Chapter 11...

Calling all creatives! Be a part of the story in Chapter 11...

We are always looking for fresh creativity to bring our ever evolving, immersive city streets to life! If you have ideas for sideshows, walkabout performances, micro venues or window installations for Chapter 11 then we would love to hear from you!

With a maxed out our sound allocation, so we are specifically looking for crews able to provide theatrically lead venues or activities which do not incorporate large sound systems. However, venues that offer an eclectic and alternative music programme will be considered!

Your application will need to work with our overarching Boomtown narrative, so before writing your proposal to us, check out  the Boomtown story and scroll down for a closerlook at our district outlines below.


There monopolistic hold of Bang Hai Industries over Boomtown is no more! In a shocking revelation at the close of Chapter 10, the corporate giant was exposed as the mastermind behind the people's revolution of Chapter 8. The infamous Masked Man was proven to be nothing more than a Bang Hai Industry android the entire time... The enigmatic CEO of Bang Hai was banished and exiled by the very machine he created to safeguard his interests; The machine that cannot be stopped - or as we all now know her to be: AMI!

However, unlike previous upheavals where society has broken down in the wake of power changes, with AMI's tentacles far reaching and connected to every circuit board in the city, infrastructure remains intact, systems continue to run, just with no human input or at the controls...

In this new era, comes with it an atmosphere of surveillance and mystery, a great unknowing! AMI is watching, gathering data, enhancing and augmenting existing systems... Meanwhile society is expanding and unfolding in new ways; purely commercial financial growth based models are being challenged as more and more systems become fully automated. The human population has, for the first time in centuries, the opportunity to reflect and evolve outside of the profit dominated environment of corporate and capitalist control.

While the current system of controlled consumerism and self promotion prevails, there is a diverse new blossoming of human consciousness and spirit as the discovery and exploration of new ways of being and a more all encompassing solution focused cultural trend starts to grow...



DSTRKT 5 is a district that offers a stark glimpse into Boomtown’s future. It is a world that suffers the consequences of it's present day ancestors as its citizens struggle to survive on the little natural resources that are left. It is a neo noir dystopian image, a district in decay. All vestiges of nature have long since been eliminated as if technology has polluted the earth.


Paradise Heights is a gold plated gated community of pleasure and leisure facilities and a playground to the rich and famous of Boomtown. This “5 star facility, for 5 star people” offers those worthy of entrance an experience like no other in a world free of toil and strife, a dreamland where anything is possible, promising you the best of everything money can buy!


Oldtown is the city’s original district and therefore the place most steeped in Boomtown’s history and folklore. The community is built on the land where the touring fair first settled and a strong presence of those original traveling families and their circus culture still exist in this section of the city . Here you will find the artists, performers, makers painters and the poets. It is full of characters with the spirit of Bohemia in their hearts.


Metropolis rose from the downtown skyline like a shining beacon of the brand new age awaiting all who bought into the bang hai dream, now as artificial intelligence permeates all aspects of the digital realm this cyber sector of the city is oscillating at hyper speed , but only those who have been enhanced are allowed access to the data traffic flow, the facade still shines but the doors are locked, the lights are on but nobody is sure exactly who is home !


Is a district set in Boomtown’s past. Spawning slowly from the Wild West frontier town of origin, a new industrial age is upon us bringing with it soot and grime but also skyscrapers and finery. In smoke grimed alleyways music halls and bars murmur of strike and revolution whilst on newly built gleaming avenues top hats and ball gowns strut.

Ways to get involved...

All applications need to make sense within the overarching storyline and fit in the district they are applying to be in... so we cannot reccomend highly enough that you read the information on this page as well as the story pages thoroughly!


With a maxed out sound allocation we are looking for crews able to provide theatrically lead venues or activities which do not incorporate large sound systems. We do however seek venues offering an eclectic and alternative music programme, so if your programme is not filled with jungle and drum and bass do hit us up!


We are looking for collectives who excel at interactive, character performance. Bonus points will be given to those applications that push boundaries and have knock out costumes!

Window Installations

Transform one of the windows in Boomtown! An opportunity to make your mark and catch the eyes of those wandering citizens... If you have a good idea we want to hear about it! Your application needs to represent the identity of the district you are applying for.

Even if your ideas are not yet fully formed but you’re a creative or collective brimming with enthusiasm, ideas and creative skills please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


Have you ever eyed up the criminals of Copper County or the futuristic nomads of DSTRKT 5 and thought to yourself you should be one of them? Then sign up to our actor's database! We want to hear from actors from all backgrounds who can take direction well, improvise comfortably and love to throw themselves into a character. This database will be shared with the various theatrical companies we work with so they can invite all suitable applicants to their auditions.

To apply head over to our Get Involved page.

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