Freemans Statement 19/11

Boomtown has over 15,000 staff, contractors and crew working during the festival. Over the years we have invested huge amounts into staff welfare areas, taking on feedback from all departments, constantly building better facilities and investing in the team that makes the show what it is, but we will always strive to better our processes and ensure accountability is placed where it should be.

We have recently been made aware of an article looking into some reports about staff treatment from the festival's main bar contractor. Many of the details in the article just released we were unaware of, and it is very disappointing to hear as the issues raised go completely against our values and ethos as a festival. With this in mind, we are tightening up our contractor and their subcontractor agreements to safeguard against any repetition of similar reports in the future.

We have also been speaking with our bar contractor who ran the operation focused on in this article and they have provided us with this statement.

Freemans Event Partners Statement of response

Since these allegations and reports were presented to us 3 months ago,  we have undertaken a detailed audit of our staffing structure and processes. Subsequently, we have made some significant changes. We identified that during our busiest month in August, there were some issues that were brought to our attention that, as a management team, we were not happy with and needed to react to.

We have also updated the contractual agreements to reflect all these processes and will ensure that we are properly communicating these to both our event clients and our recruited staff well before the live operations are carried out.

We have a strong record of over 40 years of delivering high-quality service for both clients and staff, but, as with all thriving and sustainable companies,  we are continually learning and developing our processes to ensure that we maintain this well respected and high-quality service. 

For the last 3 months we have been asking our staff and any staff recruited through agencies, with any outstanding concerns, to feedback to us directly so that we could address them on a one to one basis. We are unaware of any outstanding issues, however, if any of our staff from this summer wish to provide us with any further feedback we would welcome this openly and they should contact


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