Boomtown's Ultimate Packing Guide!

Boomtown's Ultimate Packing Guide!

Our guide to everything you need to bring with you to the city!

Think carefully about how much you want to bring with you. Bear in mind that Boomtown is a very large and hilly site and you’ll have to bring it all home too. People with trolleys / excessive stuff are put into a seperate line queuing, it will take longer to be searched & this will delay your entry time… don’t forget, even the most robust of trolleys becomes pretty useless in muddy conditions!


✓ Your ticket (with your name on & ideally printed) 

✓ Your I.D 
Accepted I.Ds listed here.

✓ Any travel tickets or vehicle passes you need 

✓ Card/Money (remember we have cash machines & most traders & bars will take card)  
You’ll need cash for car parking or the shuttle bus if you haven’t paid in advance.


✓ Your tent! 
Your home for the weekend - think wisely when choosing this! Please don’t buy a cheap single skin tent - it won’t keep you dry and it won’t last. Tents are NOT single use items - love yours and invest in something to last, share one with your friends, borrow one or don't bring one and take advantage of one of our pre-pitched options.

✓ Bedding 
Sleeping bag, roll mat/airbed.


✓ Comfy waterproof shoes 
You’re probably gonna walk a minimum 5-10 miles every day - up steps, across dancefloors and down steep hills… a comfy, waterproof pair of shoes of boots is vital. Don’t let blisters or a twisted ankle ruin your festival!

✓ Socks and more socks

✓ Warm clothes 
However sunny it is in the day it always tends to get chilly at night time - don’t get caught out.

✓ Waterproofs 

✓ Sun hat / glasses 

Fancy dress! 

Everything else

✓ Wash kit / cosmetics

✓ First aid kit 
Including plasters, basic medication like pain killers and antihystamenes, antiseptic cream. Any prescription medication can be brought as long as it is in its labelled original container, with the dispensary sticker and your name on it. Only bring the reasonable amount you would need whilst at the festival :)

✓ Toilet roll 
This is provided in our lovely compost loos but to be on the safe side!

✓ Sun cream

✓ Contraceptives 
Condoms can also be picked up from welfare.

✓ Ear plugs 
Essential to a good night's sleep. 

✓ Re-usable water bottle! 
Pre-order one of our RAW foundation ones or bring your own to fill up at one of our many water points.

✓ Bumbag / rucksack

✓ Torch


If you want a bit more campsite comfort consider bringing these - but remember you’ve got to bring it all home again!

✓ Foil blanket - to drape over your tent to keep cool.

✓ Portable charger

DO's and DON'TS for keeping your stuff super safe!

What not to bring... 

✘ Too much stuff!

✘ Anything that you're not going to bring back home with you. #RespectYourCity

✘ Spray cans or marker pens.
Don't tag! We spend heaps every year cleaning scribbles off the set - which everyon would much prefer was spent elsewhere!

✘ Glass bottles
Excluding make-up or perfume

✘ BBQ's, candles, paraffin lamps, flares, fireworks.

✘ 2 way radios

Find the full list of prohibited items on our terms and conditions and read our Essential Guide here

Packing Guide compiled by That Festival Life

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