Respect Campaign

Respect Campaign

Respect Yourself, Each Other, Your City.

Boomtown aims to provide a space for freedom of expression, where everyone is valued for exactly who they are, and you are encouraged to let yourself be who you want to be! We aim to create an environment where judgement is left far, far behind, and the rules that do apply, are all underpinned by one simple concept: Respect.

The entire team have been working flat out all year to ensure that we have provided as much as is possible our end to be able to make this happen. Full details on all the elements of the Respect Campaign will be released over the following weeks but please see below for a small overview of all the things we’ve implemented, the changes we’ve made and the systems we’ve put in place:


Boomtown is more of a marathon than a sprint… Pace yourself, know yourself and look after yourself. To help with this we have a huge amount of provisions to support everyone in attendance. Please familiarise yourself with all the facilities on site by reading the Essential Guide.

A small sample of these includes: roaming welfare teams in the campsites, 24 hour Campsite Hubs, free water points across the festival, a FREE text number to report anything directly to our the festival team.

Although drugs are strictly prohibited in the festival and just as illegal at Boomtown as they are anywhere else in the UK, and despite doing everything we can to keep drugs out of the event, we acknowledge some may still get in, and we will again be providing, for free, drug testing and harm reduction services to safeguard those within the festival.

We will also have Chill Welfare providing a range of support services and advice from two on-site welfare centres and  two fully equipped onsite medical centres. Please familiarise yourself with our Drugs Policy before coming to the festival.

Respect Each Other:

We all have a part to play to make the festival as welcoming as it can be and we have been working hard across all departments of BTHQ, as well as with external organisations, to raise valuable awareness both internally and publicly to promote keys values that we as a team, and a festival, are committed to:

Please be aware of the impact that your words or actions can have on other people; something you may feel is totally acceptable, isn’t necessarily the case for everyone.

If you see someone looking unwell, upset or just a bit lost, go say hi, check in on how they are and see if there is anything you can do to help them.

If you experience something within the City that makes you feel uncomfortable, or suspicious, please let one of our staff know, report it to one of the info points, your campsite hub, security, welfare or any Boomtown representative and they will be able to point you in the right direction to get the support required.

Respect Your City:

You’ll have hopefully seen our brand new Sustainability policy, where we are doing a lot to ensure the city is as beautiful throughout the festival as we can this year but it will be very much a two way street and we need you to help us too! Only bring with you what you need, make sure everything you do bring you take home with you, refill your own water bottle at the multitude water points onsite and generally please look after the city, like you would your own home.

Please don’t tag anything in the city, it’s unbeliveably wasteful in every way, really heartbreaking for the people who created the artwork, or have to clean the tent or repaint the sets and very expensive to restore.

Please respect the city and all the work that has gone into creating it.

More details will be released on the Respect Campaign over the coming weeks but if you have any suggestions that you’d like for us to consider then please let us know via

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