The Big Bristol to Boomtown Bike Ride!

The Big Bristol to Boomtown Bike Ride!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Red Fox Cycling this year to offer the chance to be a part of a 2 day guided and supported bicycle ride to Boomtown! It’s an extension to your weekend, a holiday, a chance to meet lovely people and make new friends, a challenge, an adventure AND one of the greenest ways to make your way to the festival all rolled into one!

Read our sustainability initiatives for this year here.

What is it?

How much does it cost?

The outward ride costs £69 per person. This includes a guided ride, support vehicle to carry our bags and camping gear and provide mechanical support, lunch both days, snacks all the way, free Wednesday festival entry, secure storage of bike on the Boomtown site over the weekend and camping accommodation en route to the festival on Tuesday night!

If you choose to take the return coach and transfer of bike back to Bristol on the Monday after the festival it’s an additional £20 per person but you’re welcome to get a lift with a mate instead

The route

It's a gorgeous ride! We’ll go out via the Bristol and Bath Railway path, across the southern tip of the Cotswolds, along the Kennet & Avon canal, through the Wessex Downs, and meander through little Hampshire villages to Winchester…. More details of points of interest on the way to come!

Red Fox have hand-picked a stunning, rural, full service (toilets and showers) campsite in the Wessex Downs with a charming little pond at its centre and magnificent view of the rolling hills. The cost of a basic tent pitch is included in the price - this means you bring your own tent. This will be carried for you in one of the support vehicles and handed to you when you arrive at the campsite for you to pitch.

Or take Red Fox up on the 'Camping Plus' option - they'll provide one of their tents, complete with air mat and travel pillow, and pre-pitch it so it's up and waiting for you when you arrive at the campsite! Check the Red Fox site for costs.


Lunch will either be served 'al fresco' out of the support van, in quiet spots with lovely views, or we'll have a pub lunch! The support van will also set up little roadside snack / recharge breaks along the route so we can refuel.

Our campsite is a short canal-side walk from a little country pub in Wootton Rivers so people can get a hearty evening meal (not included in the price), or we'll serve up a BBQ feast in the campsite around the campfire (for a small charge).

Arrival on site

We aim to arrive early evening on Wednesday 8th August by latest 5pm.

Cyclists will enter the festival along the South Downs Way cycle route and come in through West Gate. The Red Fox team will help relieve people of their bikes as we arrive, bikes will be stored securely over the festival weekend on the Boomtown site.

We'll hand back bags and camping equipment when people arrive. We will have our own dedicated campsite, close to the entrance, for you to set up camp (this is optional).

Getting home

People can either jump in with a friend who is already driving back and has room in their vehicle for you and their bike.

Or we'll have a dedicated cyclists coach going back to Bristol on the Monday morning and our support van will travel back with the coach and transport bikes back for people who need it. This option costs an extra £20.

How hard is the ride?

The ride is 'moderate' difficulty (in between 'easy' and 'challenging'). It's not suitable for complete beginners, but it's sufficient to be a generally fit person, a competent cyclist and you'll need to be confident cycling 40 - 45 miles per day. There are some hills but nothing excessive.

There'll be plenty of breaks, very supportive and friendly guides and we'll structure the ride to break up the day into sections. We'll split people into pace groups depending whether you want to ride at a fast or relaxed pace

How do I get started!?

Book via! Click ‘Book now’ and ‘Boomtown’. If you’ve got any queries contact Richard on

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