IMPORTANT: Wednesday entry now for free for coach and shuttle bus travellers and Boomtown Springs!

So what’s the deal with the Fair opening on Wednesday?!

We have been working hard over the winter months to extend our licence and planning permission to allow us to open up the event to a limited number of people a day early. In May we were granted this permission and have opened up the festival on Wednesday for free to those who choose to join us via piublic transport.

The plan for this is to reduce the amount of people who all arrive at the same time as soon as the festival gates open on Thursday morning, to help reduce traffic congestion and (hopefully) entry time into the festival, but to also allow those who’d like a little longer to set up and find their bearings the time and space to settle in. 

What’s so wicked about Wednesday?

Who can come for free? 

The option for the free Wednesday add-on ticket is now available to those arriving via:

Who needs to pay for their ticket?

Our Wednesday opening initiative has been created to help Boomtown reduce the impact we have on the environment as well as to improve entry experiences for everyone… which is why we have offered it for free to those travelling via the most environmental methods.

Following feedback we are also offering a limited amount of Wednesday entry tickets for those arriving by car. However, there is a charge of £40 per person for the Wednesday add-on and these cars must be car sharing with 3+ people.

Which areas will be open?

We’ve been granted permission to open only a small part of the city on Wednesday so have decided to focus on the West side which includes Metropolis, Diss-order Alley, DSTRKT 5 and Barrio Loco campsites; as well as Boomtown Springs, Camplight and Tangerine Fields West.

Due to only opening one side of the festival site in this trial year, we are unable to run the Meadow and Family Camping facilities, as well as Camp Skylark, Tangerine Fields East and the Campervan field. We understand this will be frustrating for some but as a trial year this was the only way it was feasible operationally. 

What happens if you have already purchased a ticket?

If you are a coach or shuttle traveller and have already purchased your ticket for Wednesday, please don’t worry. TheTicketSellers are already processing your full refund and this will be with you within 5 - 7 working days. This is happening automatically, you don’t need to do anything and your now free Wednesday entry ticket will be issued to you as normal. If you have any problems, or haven’t received your refund within 7 days, then please contact TheTicketSellers direct at

Please note: Wednesday tickets are now on sale but they are extremely limited, once they are gone they are gone!

Get your Wednesday Tickets here


What will be happening on Wednesday?

Who can buy tickets?

Anyone who is travelling by coach, private hire, shuttle or car sharing with 3+ people - scroll down for more information on exactly which tickets and passes you need.

Wednesday is included in the package for all Boomtown Springs ticket holders and upgraders!

But I’m staying on the side of site that isn’t open, what about me? (Camp Skylark, campervans, family camping, reserved camping, The Meadow)

We understand your frustration! Unfortunately as this is such a limited trial year we are unable to facilitate opening the East side of site before Thursday.

We only found out about the planning in mid May, so have been unable to implement any of our plans until recently. The main reason for Wednesday opening is to help minimise traffic, entry times and ensure the arrival process is as smooth as possible. By limiting this to the greener methods of travel only we reduce the number of cars on the road and make sure entry from site is as quick as possible for all main arrival days, both Wednesday & Thursday.

However, if you are staying in any of these East areas (family camping, reserved camping, The Meadow) and decide to come on Wednesday you are welcome to set up camp in the main public campsites that are open in West and then move to your pre-pitched or reserved camping on Thursday. Please bear in mind that there will be no internal transport provided. 

What do I need to enter on Wednesday if I’m arriving by coach?

What do I need for Wednesday entry if I’m arriving by train and then catching the shuttle?

What do I need for Wednesday entry if I’m arriving by a private hire coach?

What do I need to enter on Wednesday if I’m arriving by car?

What do I need for Wednesday entry if I’m a Boomtown Springs resident?

What time will we be able to get in on Wednesday?

Gates to the festival will open at 12 midday on Wednesday 8th May. Some coaches will arrive before this and the wristband exchanges will open from midday.

The Boomtown Springs car park will open from midday.

The Car Share car park will open from midday.

Where will be open?

The West side of site around the Hidden Woods and public transport gate will be open for setting up camp and entertainment.

The rest of site will open midday on Thursday as usual - you are welcome to move campsites then should you wish!

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