Volunteer spaces filling up fast!

Volunteer spaces filling up fast!

Act fast if you want to be a vital part of the team at our sold out Chapter 10 celebrations!

Volunteer spaces are filling up quicker than ever… If you want to come to the festival for free, meet new people and get a taste of working behind the scenes - being a part of one of our volunteer teams is a fantastic way to get involved at the festival! 

But don’t just believe us, here’s what some previous volunteers had to say… 

“Boomtown, my absolute favourite place on earth. The music, the atmosphere, the outrageously fantastic outfits. You’ll get to work with hundreds of likeminded volunteers all who are all there for one reason…. TO HELP PEOPLE to ENJOY THE MUSIC. I love you Boomtown!” Kelly McFee, Winsford

“Volunteering with Boomtown is one of the best ways to enjoy the festival. For starters, you make a load of friends in the secure volunteer campsite when you get to arrive a day before the ticket holders and explore.

The shifts are actually pretty fun, you’re always placed in a pair (you can even request to be with a friend in your application!) and more often than not you’ll be by a stage or busy junction with lots to see. I was even placed at the front of Sector 6 stage, dancing behind the barrier whilst giving out water one year! Your crew wristband gives you access to the crew bar (the best bar, that stays open latest and with cheaper drinks) and also backstage toilets even when you’re not on shift. You still get plenty of time to explore the festival and see bands.

Fancy dress is encouraged (even on shift!), you get food vouchers for meals for each shift you work, and you even get access to plugs for phone charging, tea & coffee and hot showers! Almost like posh glamping! All this, and you essentially get to experience Boomtown for free, as you get your deposit back at the end. Living the festival dream.” Jessi Dimmock, London

“Being fairly new to volunteering at festivals, I was a little apprehensive as what to expect. The support system you have when on shift puts all of that to rest. The supervisors and managers are all extremely helpful. The shifts fly by and are always good fun. You meet some great people and make good friends when on shift. Volunteering at Boomtown is a must!! - Daniel Todd, Huddersfield

Find out everything you need to know about volunteering at Boomtown here. 

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