District Announcement: Copper County

District Announcement: Copper County

Copper County, formerly known as Wild West, is set to make its debut this summer...  The newly designed industrial town is the backdrop for one of the largest, immersive and theatrical experiences ever to be showcased at a festival. Curated by The Antiquated Theatre of Varieties, ‘A Grande Reviewe The Lost Time After Boom’ is a show that embraces both the industrial revolution and Boomtown’s unfolding storyline. Robber barons, wild horses, strikes, and gun fights will make a dramatic appearance as the old meets the new amongst mysteries and comedy.  Performed across a specially designed set that includes four actor led venues, and numerous hidden corridors, rooms, nooks and crannies to explore, over 150 performers will interact with each other and festival goers alike to bring the fictitious district alive.  

The show will be underpinned by a myriad of music genres that include everything from world, folk and jazz through to blues and americana bluegrass. This melting pot of musical cultures come together at the district’s famous main stage The Old Mines, which represents the mixed roots of the festival where music spans the globe and generates an eclectic soundtrack. Enchanting duo Amadou & Mariam will be returning for Chapter 10, bringing their trademark  polyrhythmic melodies to the stage, ready to transport people to their African homeland in Mali. Bridging Cuba and Jamaica, Havana Meets Kingston bring one of the most anticipated World performances to Winchester, whilst  Billy Bragg’s anti-austerity music seamlessly mirrors Boomtown’s own immersive storyline and political ethos. Syrian native Omar Soulyman pulls influence from the Middle East, blending traditional Kurdish music with electronica edge whilst Sudanese-American Alsarah & The Nubatones will be performing a soulful blend of afrobeats and world music.

Celebrating everything from blues to country Rusty Spurs, the mecca for foot stomping, remains host to an eclectic mix of all time greats including the South West’s Hodmaddery with their distinctive, intricate vocals and mix of traditional and contemporary folk. They are joined by Zipheads who bring their unique style of Rock’n’Roll with an Irish finish. The Urban Voodoo Machine, the self proclaimed owners of ‘Bourbon-soaked Gypsy Blues Bop ‘n’ stroll’, The Dirty Bourbon River Show fusing blues with New Orleans brass and Long John & the Killer Blues Collective taking British blues to the dark side. These are just a few of the many acts who are all set to generate a furnace of fun on the well trodden dance floor of the Rusty Spurs barn.

As the streets of Copper County transcend from sawdust and ranches, to smoke grimed alleyways and music halls, amidst the talk of strike and revolution Crazy Calamities is the place to leave your worries behind you and enjoy the sounds of  The Midnight Zu, Benji & Hibbz, DubMarta to The Barefoot Bandit, Hosteppas, Swinghoppers and Dirty Boots to Yes Man Jellyfish, all of which are just some of the acts on offer.  

This is just one district line up of 14 unique area line-ups, along with four mega stage line-ups still to be released. Keep an eye on the newsletter and follow Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with all the news over the coming weeks.

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District Announcement: Kidztown

Welcome to the streets of Kidztown, Boomtown Fair where our youngest citizens rule the city!

Redefining family festival fun in a melting pot of mischievous mayhem for all ages; rave to Junior Jungle, FUN DMC and Big Fish Little Fish, get creative in one of the many workshops or escape to the Wild Woods for Forest School foraging...

From breakdancing gorillas to karaoke singing grans the wonders are endless in this haven for all generations ;) xx

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