Positive News!

Positive News!

Big love to all our Australian friends for bringing some good news to a world that really needs it right now by voting to legalize same sex marriage.

It’s great to see the spread of progressive, equality based values becoming a reality for so many in the world, even if it’s going slowly, at least it’s the right direction.

In our little piece of the planet we aim to create a place where everyone can come together and feel safe and welcome. 

We have two dedicated LGBTQ safe spaces, both in Downtown and Hilltop. One of these spaces is the Red Rash Inn in DSTRKT 5. With their cast of varied performers, they celebrate diversity, gender fluidity, body positivity and sexual freedom by coming together to challenge and engage audiences with a spectacular twist of theatre. Stay tuned for an interview with the crew behind the Red Rash Inn, coming soon. 

We’re looking to expand these spaces in Chapter 10 as well as continuing to promote a safe space mentality across the whole city. If anyone has any suggestions please get in touch with us on info@boomtownfair.co.uk. 

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