Tickets On Sale!

Tickets On Sale!

Tickets on sale NOW!
Raising the bar even higher than previous years, we're looking to put on a show even more mind blowing than usual this summer for Chapter 10: The Machine Cannot Be Stopped: 9 - 12th August.  

We're throwing everything we've got at Chapter 10! Operationally, creatively and musically we're planning the most spectacular experience and a culmination of everything we’ve been working towards and have taken on board ever since the Town's creation back in 2008!

Make sure you register here with TheTicketSellers beforehand to speed up transaction time and check out our Ticket FAQ's here for ticket buying queries!

We've also announced our charity partner for the 2018 event; local youth charity Winnall Rock School, who provide free music lessons to young people aged 10 to 17 in local neighbourhoods where there are higher than national average levels of social deprivation. See more about our charity work with them this year here!

We're so excited to invite people from around the globe to join our vibrant community; to create their own characters and wander down the city streets to become part of Chapter 10’s story this summer.

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