Ticket Price Information CH10

Ticket Price Information CH10

For anyone wondering about the ticket prices for this year we just thought we’d explain some of the reasons behind this. As a fully independent festival our financial options are very limited, but it means our creative vision is never compromised!

After the sheer scale of the challenge we faced from the relentless weather during the build last year, the continuing knock on effect this had across every part of our operations and then taking on board all the feedback we received from those in attendance, we have spent the past few months massively focusing on where improvements need to be made in the operations and infrastructure for the festival.

We are determined to put on the slickest show in every capacity; from the insane production values that we’ve become so well known for, to making life easier for all in attendance and everything in between. However, in order to be able to achieve this without additional capacity and whilst still maintaining our defiant independence, with no external investors or headline sponsors involved, we unfortunately have had to increase the ticket price.

We aim to keep the festival as affordable as possible with our multi-tiered ticket structure and we appreciate that it may seem like a large increase in ticket price however, putting on an event of this scale, with this many venues, artists, actors, districts, stages, facilities, trackway, scaffolding blah blah … (the list really is almost endless…) is not an easy or cheap thing to achieve.

We hope this doesn’t put people off coming and those who visit the city for Chapter 10 can see directly where every penny is spent, but if you are unable to come and join us, we’re sorry to see you go, but we do understand. xx

Boomtown News

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District Announcement: Kidztown

Welcome to the streets of Kidztown, Boomtown Fair where our youngest citizens rule the city!

Redefining family festival fun in a melting pot of mischievous mayhem for all ages; rave to Junior Jungle, FUN DMC and Big Fish Little Fish, get creative in one of the many workshops or escape to the Wild Woods for Forest School foraging...

From breakdancing gorillas to karaoke singing grans the wonders are endless in this haven for all generations ;) xx

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