Your Ticket FAQ's Answered...

Your Ticket FAQ's Answered...


IMPORTANT TICKET INFO before tickets go on sale November 1st!

All tiers of tickets go on sale at the same time so if you can afford to get a more expensive one, please do so that someone less flush has a chance at a cheaper option. The only difference between the tiers is price - they are all Full Adult Weekend Camping tickets.

There's a few different ticket options available so if you'd like to take a gander at the prices, head over to the ticket page HERE

Here's a breakdown of the tickets on offer:

Coach Traveller Tickets
(some returns work out as £4!)

Coach Traveller tickets are combined:
Festival Entry Ticket AND
Return Coach Tickets!

These are £25 less than Tier 3’s to reward our eco-friendly coach travellers. Simply add a Coach Ticket to your basket along with the Coach Traveller Adult Residency Pass - have a look at our ticket page for some of the coaches on offer.

Please note: only coaches booked through the Boomtown website or TheTicketSellers will be valid and you must travel on the coach in order to be validated to receive your wristband on arrival at the festival. There are 55 UK locations to choose from.

If you don’t have all the funds available on November 1st, you could either get:

Split Payment Tickets

Deposit + Balance Ticket

A deposit of £50 can be put down at checkout with the remainder being paid through your TheTicketSellers account which must be paid before June 4th 2018 otherwise your ticket and deposit will be lost.

50/50 Instalment Ticket

The split payment 50/50 ticket can be paid in two installments; the first at checkout and the second payment through your TheTicketSellers account which must be paid before June 4th 2018 otherwise your ticket and first payment will be lost.

Registering with TheTicketSellers

Tiers 1 & 2 flew out in record time last year so to make sure you've got a foot in the race, here's a few tips to speed up the process...
1. Register at in advance here: and make sure you know your password!

2. Make sure you have your debit/credit card ready (and a spare - some banks decline one off payments) that matches your billing address and have all the correct details of your buddies (name, email addresses, postcode). You can get a max of 4 per order.

3. Choose your tickets >> Ticket page << and click ‘Reserve Tickets’ at the bottom of the page - your tickets aren't reserved until they're in your basket!! You then have 15 minutes to complete the purchase before they disappear!

4. It is only the early tiers that have such high demand. Concentrate on bagging your entry tickets first. You can log back in for other tickets later if needed.

5. Note: Coach Traveller tickets can only be bought with a coach ticket bought through Boomtown or TheTicketSellers and you must travel on the coach to be admitted to site.

6. Deposit/split payment are not automated (log in when you wish to pay the balance) and must be paid up through your TheTicketSellers account by June 4th 2018 - there is zero wiggle room on this so please put a reminder on your phone to make sure you don't miss the deadline, which will void your previous payment(s) and your ticket!

Name Changes

Name's on tickets can be changed twice and these can be done by logging in to your TheTicketSellers account.

Tickets Coming November 8th

Teen and Pre-pitched camping tickets will become available on November 8th.

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