Official CH9 After-Film & Free 'Behind the Mask' Download

Re-experience Boomtown Chapter 9 : 'Behind the Mask' with the official 2017 after-film.

During the 2nd week in August 60,000 people ​travelled from across the globe to the stunning National Park in Hampshire, UK ​to become a character in Boomtown's ever evolving story...
The result.... we made the biggest theatrical music experience on earth! 

Filmed, directed & edited:

Clockwise Media Ltd.

Track List:

Jus Now - Dun D Place
La Makinita - Juanafe
Ferocious Dog - Gallows Justice
Skindred - Kill the Power
Volatile Cycle, Barbarix & Block Dodger - Behind The Mask

Behind ‘Behind the Mask’ & free track download

‘Behind the Mask’ is a bespoke track which featured in the official after-film and was made to be played at the closing shows, it was co-produced by three friends of the festival Volatile Cycle, Blockdodger and . Barbarix. We chatted to Matt AKA Blockdodger about how the making of the piece came about…

Listen to 'Behind The Mask' & get a free download

How did writing Behind The Mask come about?

Evening! Well I’ve got some some great connections and friends in the Boomtown crew and after the success of last year’s Sector 6 opener tune we were lucky enough to get asked for a stab at this year’s theme.

Because of all our other work with Steve that has naturally progressed these last 2 years, it was only right that he became involved too and took it to that next level.

How did it work with three producers collaborating on a track together?

We have had great success in working as a team so far, a memorable long weekend at Steve’s where all four of us were present (to at least make an attempt at starting this year’s tune) ended with much alcohol consumed and friendships further cemented! This helped massively when it came to writing as no-one was afraid to pull any punches when it came to what would or wouldn't be used in the final piece...

Did you know the premise of what the tune was going to be used for?

Natalie from Boomtown sends us a huge brief at the start of the project that gives an idea of the coming year's storyline and the theatrical side of the music. This helps us to get perspective of exactly what we're writing for. But in regards to the shows... we know they're going to be hugely impressive but Boomtown always keep us a little in the dark at how mind blowing each performance is - and that's how we like it.

How did it feel watching the whole thing at the festival with your tune being an integral part of the story line?

Absolutely tip top! It’s always surreal being in the crowd rather than behind the decks to hear/see your track do some damage, but a crowd of this magnitude and the scale of the event made that emotion even more intense. Can’t wait for next year already!

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