A Guide To Compost Loos

A Guide To Compost Loos

The complexity of composting toilets:
Guy 1: "I can't believe they make you wipe your arse with sawdust."
Guy 2: "I know, it's just some weird hippy sh*t man."
(Via Spotted @ Boomtown 2016)

Here's the way to keep your toileting experience at it's freshest and sawdust in the appropriate places:
1. Grab a cup of sawdust
2. Lock the door (there are doors...)
3. Take a moment to do your thing
4. Sprinkle the sawdust down the toilet
5. Use the hand sanitiser provided.
6. Get back to the fun 

We love this planet of ours and all general toilets on site are Natural Events (Pootopia) composting toilets. They are regularly cleaned and stocked with toilet paper (still bring your own though).


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