BTN: Arrival Information

With 3 weeks to go until we're all reunited in the city once more, we've created this useful map anaimation to show you where the entry gates will be and which campsites are the best to call home depedning on which gate you come in through. Please note Boomtown is a big and hilly site, with quite a lot of walking involved. Please bear this in mind when packing and travel as light as possible :)

Read on for important arrival information to help your journey and entry to the city that bit smoother.

If you've not read it yet, please also familiarise yourself with the Essentail Guide for all the key things to know before coming to the city. 

Important Arrival Information: 9 Ways To Get the Festival!

  1. BY CAR

Car Parks:

As you get closer to the festival, switch off your sat nav and follow the Public Parking Symbol on the directional signage (a white ‘P’ on a blue background)

These will direct you into the car parks and if you follow them in, you will be able to return the way you came when you leave on Monday.

Please ensure that you have affixed your parking sticker before you leave home. This will enable us to direct you correctly and will help speed access into the car parks.

The car parks access North and East gates, so if you are meeting or arriving with friends, we recommend that you meet up away from the festival site at a prearrange service station and follow each other in so that you park in the same car park.

If you missed the chance to get a car pass, you will be able to purchase one on the gate for £45.

  1. Car Share:

GoCarShare are again linking people up who are looking for lifts/ offering lifts, making new friends and cutting down on carbon emissions.

GoCarShare links drivers up with potential passengers and vice versa so head over here to find a lift or a driver, slash congestion and leave no car space wasted!

  1. Family/Meadow/Boomtique car parks

Family, Meadow and Hilltop Boomtique car parks can be found by following the Orange Path on the directional signage which will take you to Orange Gate. On entrance to the gate, please turn right to be  directed to your parking area. You’ll then walk a short distance to South Gate to collect your wristbands and enter the festival site.

The Downtown Boomtique car park can be found by following the Blue Path on the directional signage. You’ll then enter the site via West Gate.

Please ensure that your car park stickers are affixed to your windscreen before you leave home to assist us in directing you correctly and to help speed up entry.

If you missed the chance to get a car pass, you will be able to purchase one on the gate for £45.

  1. Campervans (inc Family and The Meadow)

All Campervans should access the site at Orange Gate which is on the A272.

Please follow the Orange Path on the directional signage.

One entrance to the gate, public campervans need to turn right, whereas those that are pre-booked for family and disabled need to bear left.

You can expect thorough searching at the gates, and may be pulled aside for police and security dog searches.

You will need to exchange your routing pass for your Campervan Sticker and have all your festival tickets available for scanning so that wristbands can be issued.

Once inside the campervan area, please be conscious of fire lanes and spacing of your vehicles. We would ask that you park your campervan lengthwise along the left hand edge of your pitch and closest to the fire avenue – this will keep spacing between vehicles to a maximum.

  1. Coach

Big Green Coach operate coach services from 55 locations around the UK direct to the festival site. Coaches arrive on the Thursday or Friday and all depart for home on Monday. Further information and all departure times are HERE.

All coaches use the Official festival coach park by West Gate, located next to the train station shuttle buses.

There are seats still available to book from all locations. Once you have booked via Big Green Coach you will receive an e-ticket 7 days prior to the date of travel which includes all your travel information – simply print this out or save it on your phone (make sure you keep some battery for the Monday!)

  1. Private Hire Coach

If you and your friends are booking your own coach or minibus (15 seats or above) please note these important changes to the system for 2017:

Our coach parking facility has moved to the West side of the site this year. This will make it closer to the major road network, which should reduce the time spent in traffic queues, however space on this side of site is more restricted so there is now a booking system in place to ensure we have the room we need for any private hire coaches to drop off and collect.

You’ll need to book a slot in advance. It costs £50 per vehicle (this covers both drop off and collection on Monday). Please contact and we’ll send you details of how to book and opening times.

For the Public Transport Hub (Coach Station) please follow the Blue Path on the directional signage – this is also backed up by a coach symbol.

On entry to the gate, you will turn hard left to go down the hill – there is hardstanding within the gate allowing you to do this, so there is no need to swing wide if you are coming up the hill.

Head down the hill to the Coach Park, the nearest end is dedicated to Private Hire Coaches.

Upon arrival, please do not allow your passengers to disembark until you have been greeted by one of the Boomtown team.

This person will arrange your collection time slot and ensure that you have a pass to regain entry on Monday – without it, the coach will not be allowed access to site on Monday 14th August.

  1. Shuttle Bus Service

Please use Winchester Train Station for the X90 shuttle service to Boomtown.

On exiting the platform, please head straight ahead if you hold a public ticket. The shuttle bus service has been improved for 2017, and will drop you off near to West Gate.

A return ticket costs £10, please have cash ready to pay for your ticket.

If you have purchased a ticket to the festival which includes shuttle travel then please show your main ticket to the boarding staff who will provide you with your shuttle tickets.

  1. Using a Taxi

Exit the main station entrance. The taxi rank is in front of you and to the right.

There is a taxi rank across the road, but this is for local taxi services only – i.e. not going to Boomtown, please do not use them.

Taxis & Drop Off

Please follow the Pick-up and Drop Off signage to the site. This will take you to just outside the West Gate.

If you have need to go to another destination on site, then you will be allowed access to the following

No other gates should be used for dropping off, as it’s likely you’ll end up in a car park queue. If you have been dropped off at Orange Gate on the way in please speak to a member of staff from The Meadow, Family Campsite or the box office at South Gate so that they can help you arrange a taxi for your return journey as there will be no taxi rank at Orange Gate.

DO NOT get dropped off on the road outside the site. Not only is it dangerous for you, it causes delays on the roads and seriously risks the event License being revoked for future years.

  1. Cycling and Walking

If you are cycling to site, please follow the Blue patch on the directional signage. This will take you to West Gate. Route 23 on The National Cycle Network runs close to site, for more information see SUSTRANS.

An area within West Gate will be fenced for cycle parking. It is close to the gate, so will be monitored, but is not a secure facility.

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