Harm Reduction Campaign

Harm Reduction Campaign

The absolute top of our agenda this year at the festival is to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy. We have put a huge amount of additional provisions in place for this year including free drugs testing with The Loop, trained drugs counsellors stationed at the campsite hubs and have also gathered some useful info, facts and advice on our website with the aim of massively reducing the harm caused, both mentally and physically by drug use whilst in the festival environment and beyond.
One thing that makes a huge difference is when people look out for each other and come together in our ever expanding community. We are so lucky to have such a caring community at Boomtown of those who look after each other and lend a hand when it’s in need.

This year we’ve teamed up with The Loop, trained drug counsellors, who will be located at each of the campsites to provide drug safety testing, welfare and harm reduction services to festival goers. It is so important to know what is being experimented with in order to stay as safe as possible, especially due to increasing substance strengths. 

We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with Boomtown this year to help reduce drug-related harm on site. We will be providing our free, anonymous, drug safety testing - MAST - for the first time at Boomtown this year and hope that this will help inform all services on site, as well as festival-goers, who may encounter substances of concern.

Professor Fiona Measham, founder of The Loop

Our dedicated drug awareness page highlights the risks when mixing drugs (polydrug use), including prescription drugs and the increased strengths of Ecstasy / MDMA. Please have a look at the links available to stay in the know before, during and after the festival.

After the truly heartbreaking experience of too many young people dying across the country at events, night clubs and town centres, through drug related incidents, we want to have an open and honest discussion to make sure we are doing everything in our power to educate, protect and prevent similar incidents occurring at the festival, and beyond, in the future. There appears to be distinct lack of education when it comes to drugs use that it feels like with the help of The Loop and the other drug awareness measures we are implementing this year, we can at least make a start on changing the conversation to help better prepare people for the real dangers that drug experimentation poses. Boomtown organisers.

On top of the harm reduction aspects of the drugs policy we’ll be working even harder alongside Hampshire Police and the onsite security teams to keep drugs out of the festival, with increased security searches, amnesty bins at the gates and immediate eviction for those caught attempting to get drugs into the festival.

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