Use your Power - Vote Today!

Use your Power - Vote Today!

Not enough young people are voting, the opportunity to have a voice and a say in the future is now!

Today is a monumental day in the history of this country.
Over 2 million new voters have registered to vote and around 90,000 were under 25, which is amazing!!
Now the real mission is for everyone to get to the polling station...
If you're yet to vote they are all open until 10pm, you don't need your polling card to vote, and if you're unsure on where your nearest polling station is you can find it here:

We have joined up with likeminded UK festivals and collectives to engage young voters to get involved in the upcoming general elections. Recognising that this could quite possibly be the most important decision for a generation, a collective of festival organisers, pub-venue owners, artists and young voters have all come together to try to inspire political engagement with the under 25s through the overarching campaign of Use your Power: Vote!

A series of campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness on the upcoming election and how to register to vote. These include;
‘Vote this year, get free beer’ and website
Mayday Mayday’ as well as a national awareness campaign among festival organisers with the aim to actively promote the power of the voter, to energise more young and disengaged people to get their voices heard and make their opinion count on 8th June.

We hope that by reaching out to our varied and extensive networks, people who may not have previously thought politics was for them, will look into the current situation a bit deeper and find their own voice.

Collectively we saw that we were in a pretty unique position with the amount of engagement we have with the younger demographic, and it was our responsibility to do something to help engage people in their own futures. This feels like an election where each and every vote really will count; an election that should be all about them, and how they want their futures to be. We just want to remind people that they really do have a say, and what they have to say really does matter.

We are part of a bigger picture and alongside 16 of some of the UK’s most popular independent festivals will be releasing more information and incentives over the coming days and weeks:

Festivals involved include:

Love Saves the Day



Camp Bestival

Common People (Oxford & Southampton)

Liverpool Sound City


Green Man

Tokyo World



Green Gathering

Always The Sun

SWN festival

Mayday Mayday on Social Media:






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