Oldtown Full Line up

Oldtown Full Line up

Oldtown is back with a brand new immersive main stage, where the walls are seeped in secrets never to be told and stories as yet to unfold... The echos of exuberant brass sections and party time Polka's are never far away with sounds from Sweden to Central America via the furthest reaches of Eastern Europe..

Oldtown Port

Over the winter months the ravishes of time and the strength of the sea reclaimed the decaying Jolly Dodger, revealing the long forgotten majesty of the once crowning jewel that is the Oldtown Port!

On this new main stage for revelry in Oldtown will be Ukrainian Los Colorados re-imagined modern pop in their own fusion of barmy Balkan. Spanish septet Sonido Vegetal jump through chord changes during impressively dynamic sets, and contagious gypsy funk riffs are supplied by The Worldly Savages. Skipping through tempo and time signatures, This Way To Egress marry jazz with cabaret in a set full of surprises, the UFOslavians bring infectious foot tapping Balkan from outer space to planet Earth and Swedish folk punk band Crash Nomada meld thrash and jazz... it shouldn’t work, but it does! And London label Batov Records will also be commandeering the stage with a take over of some of the best in gypsy funk this side of Europe.

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Buskers Wharf

Saunter down Buskers Wharf and discover an eccentric collection of characters and mind bending talents. Musical cabarets and theatrical sideshows are but a stone’s throw away. After a highly successful UK tour, Australian troupe The Syndicate Show return with a performance packed with breathtaking circus antics sandwiched between eye watering one liners. My Bad Sister, identical twins embodying a bizarre blend of princess pigtails and cockney swag match big bass with synchronised dance moves in a thoroughly eye catching display. Pooling the many aspects of theatre and music together Pyratrix Circus provide a show not to be missed. One part function room musician one part tuneless crooner, offbeat double act Ramshackaliscious invite disaster and The Brother’s Swag, Mr Jeff and Sir Hoops Alot, delight street dwellers throughout.

Street Venues

Moving on to Oldtown’s street venues, top of the upgrade pile is The Inconvenience Superstore (BANG HAI PLC) where you can find everything you never wanted… Long standing eccentric employers The Job Centre will be ‘doling’ out menial tasks to those willing to degrade, Grandma’s Living Room will be supplying beats and Battenberg for one of the rowdier tea parties and the Postal Posse encourage all opening of stranger’s letters at the only postal service in town, promising un-guaranteed never day delivery!

Boomtown News

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District Announcement: Kidztown

Welcome to the streets of Kidztown, Boomtown Fair where our youngest citizens rule the city!

Redefining family festival fun in a melting pot of mischievous mayhem for all ages; rave to Junior Jungle, FUN DMC and Big Fish Little Fish, get creative in one of the many workshops or escape to the Wild Woods for Forest School foraging...

From breakdancing gorillas to karaoke singing grans the wonders are endless in this haven for all generations ;) xx

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