Little Gay Brother

Little Gay Brother


BoomTown’s NEW fashion house in the heart of Metropolis...


Haus of Little Gay Brother


This flesh factory is the return to old-school glamour BoomTown has been waiting for! Come gaze on the beautiful and radioactive faces of Little Gay Brother, as these living mannequins show you how much werk it takes, to be this adored. Meet Heroine Chic, not just a look but a 7ft tall drag queen who is ready to take it to the runway, and show you how to walk with purpose!

You’ll turn to putty in their well-manicured hands, and be remoulded into the best version of yourself, Instagram ready, fed on a diet of Vogue Cigarettes, Special Brew and lies told by your favourite luxury brand. Fashion can normally be an ugly business, but at Little Gay Brother we give you the chance to party without prejudice, a chance to be loved no matter who you are, a chance to be beautiful inside and out.


There is no room for the elite in this backstreet fashion house. Little Gay Brother celebrates your realness and will be creating 100% authentic humans, no pesticides, no parabens, no gender constructs, no part-time models, no limitations.


Soundtrack provided by the iconic DJs of Little Gay Brother; Maze & Masters, Paul Heron, Fidel, with many special guests to be announced! And if high-fashion isn't your thing, they’re also bringing Gay Garage, the UK’s leading garage collective to help elevate those urban enthusiasts amongst you.


This is truly the late night disco you deserve honey! So sing it! “Who are they?”, “What are they wearing?”, “Who am I?”, and “Why do I care?”.


See you at the Gay Bar. Love LGB x

Little Gay Brother's new beauty range "Self-deprecation" is available in all BoomTown shops.

Warning: Little Gay Brother cannot guarantee that going to their venue will make you beautiful inside and out, but it will help. Some products might cause rashes.


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