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The Daily Rag is Boomtown's best (and only) newspaper publication. Our reporters will leave no stone unturned, no scoop unscooped and no thesaurus unopened, in the pursuit of principled exactitude and veracity. Bursting with breaking stories, investigative journalism, real news, fake news, alt-facts, fun facts, headlines gossip, intrigue horoscopes and inevitably photographs of vainglorious Editor-in-Chief Rob Boggins. Each typo-ridden edition is written and printed live, each and every day. Pick up your free copy from our roving paper-boys city-wide from 11am daily. To get your own news story gossip or anecdote printed in The Rag, visit us at our offices in Town Centre and Downtown High Street midday - 6pm. The Daily Rag - Because who says print journalism is dead?!

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