The Rusty Workshop

The Rusty Workshop


Dive into The Rusty Workshop and use tools for jewellery making, sculptures, woodwork or meld some metal in the metalwork crafts area.

Woodwork with Michele Gudino 

Michele is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives in Winchester. She uses a variety of mediums to convey her ideas and her works can be small or large scale.

She has worked at Boomtown since 2013, and part of the Kidstown Crew, holding a variety of childrens’ workshops including: Magical house, crazy hats, pompoms, papier mache people, banners, hot press printing, puppets, woodwork in the Rusty Workshop – totem poles and printed decorations.

Metal Jewellery and Woodwork with APE project

Join the Bristol based playwork pioneers APE in their adventures, both in the woods and in Kidztown. Expect wacky bikes and pedal powered fun, introductions into using and making tools, learn forest skills and spend time around a camp fire making bread. If you have a head for heights then you can even jump onto a hefty hammock or climb the scramble net in the Wild Wood!


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