Kidztown Street Venues

Kidztown Street Venues


Ridiculously fun workshops and games to make you giggle, welcome to to the streets Kidztown!

The Post Office

Head down to the post office for some letter writing fun... Find out what inky adventures await at this role play interactive post office & get given a job as part of the Kidztown courier service!?

The Tattoo Parlour

Ink up at the kidztown Tattoo Parlour, the ultimate kids tattoo, glitter and face painting parlour.

The Piggy Bank

Play silly games with the Piggies at the Bank to earn Kidztown cash to spend on the Kidztown Street

The Cinema

With early morning movies.

Fetch Theatre Puppets:

Clapper Box is a curious, participative puppet event featuring a maximum of 6 small-scale theatre booths, a lot of random objects and wonderful quirky adaptations of classic movies.
The public is both puppeteers and audience, sitting on either side of each mini-stage. They wear headphones through which they either receive directions or hear the story. This is a highly imaginative show, ‘playing’ with household objects whilst creating a new perspective on interactive theatre and storytelling.

It is a combination of puppetry and object manipulation that is entertaining for both the performer and the watcher. Each audience member will be presented with a small cone of popcorn, a nice addition to the experience!

The Radio Station

Kidztown's very own radio station!

There will be workshops and training from Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru's Radio Platform and rap workshops from Kidzscape.

Radio Platform- Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru, Wales Millennium Centre Radio Platfform is just as it says.... a Wales Millennium Centre project providing a platform for young people to express their voice, produce shows, and develop broadcasting skills through creation of radio content, through an accredited training course. No previous radio experience is necessary to take part in the programme delivered in partnership with Promo Cymru and

The training programme guides young people through every element of the radio industry, from presenting, producing, scripting, editing, interviews, and other career-based skills.

This project enables participants to develop their broadcasting skills through creation of radio content and an opportunity to express themselves via our online platform. The content is chosen by young people. This is a great engagement tool for young people and we hope that it will serve to create a strong online community and promote the passion and importance of young people’s voices nationally and internationally.
Kidzscape - Rap Workshops in Radio Station The aim of this workshop is to get young people to explore the use of words to tell a story in vocal form. They will then learn how to put their words and stories into a lyrical and rhythmical format. The workshop will facilitate them to understand the structure of music, rhythm and song writing. As well as learning new skills the workshop is aimed to help children and young people to build confidence and social skills. The workshop will give children and young people good practice in speaking, listening and writing skills.


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