Wild Wood Forest School

Wild Wood Forest School


Boomtown’s home is in the beautiful South Downs National Park; the perfect backdrop to learn all about the great outdoors. Explore the Wild Wood on the outskirts of Kidztown where teams of open air experts host a series of hands on workshops full of adventure, forest skills and fun.

Art Play Environment (APE) Project

Join the Bristol based playwork pioneers in their adventures, both in the woods and in Kidztown and experiment with wacky bikes and pedal powered fun. Take advantage of the metal and woodworking tools on offer and learn vital forest skills. You can even spend time around a campfire whilst you make bread.

If you have a head for heights then you can jump onto a hefty hammock or climb the scramble net… the sky really is the limit!

Woodland Tribe

Woodland Tribe encourage children to come along and use hammers, nails and saws to construct incredible shonky structures deep in the Wild Wood. Structures that will challenge and surprise anyone that sees them.

Control is cheerfully handed over to the kids, so they can build their very own metropolis.

Mud Kitchen

The Mud Kitchen found in the Wild Woodl is a child-led role play especially created for the younger wood folk who like to get their hands dirty and really stuck in.


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