Even MORE Kidztown Fun!

Even MORE Kidztown Fun!


From breakdancing gorrilaz to glitter showers - you'll never know what you'll find around the corner in Kidztown!


Granny’s in town and she’s brought your aunties too, for pure talent they’re searching and they need YOU!
They’re lacy and racy, purple rinsed and permed but if you think you know grannies...forget everything you’ve learned!
These raving, misbehaving, potty mouthed OAP’s, have got a little more than hankies hidden up their sleeves!
With waggley hips and wobbly stockings, find yourself at the wiggle waggon for something quite shocking!
It’s said your voice is your soul, and these old girls are the devils of karaoke, so come sell them your goods for an extra unforgettable hokey cokey! From high flying singers, to street busking mingers, all citizens are called to the mic!

Pizza & Puppets

Pizza and Puppets have been offering fantastica pizza & puppet shows in kidztown since Boomtown was just a baby. Always delivering the finest tasting pizza, freshly made using the best ingredients that we can source, cooked in our clay oven, we love what we do. Free kidz pizza making workshops daily around 11.30am each day, perfect for lunchtime!! Also great puppetry entertainment each day (see boards for times). Previous shows have included time travelling dinosaurs, a pair of permaculture pirates or the wonky doggy. This year pizza and puppets are collaborating with the seelie court faeries to produce something truly wonderful. So please come visit us, enjoy the food, make a pizza and watch our fabulous new show.


Take a ride on one of our beautiful traditional Victorian Swingboats - and don't forget, all activities in Kidztown are free!


Grab a bucket and spade and head off on a seaside holiday to our sandpit!

Breakdancing Gorillaz

Introducing to you three of the hip hoppest, hairiest monkeys in the urban jungle. These boogie-down beasts are back in the mix, wild-stylin their way through Kidztown. Got some fresh moves? Then lets see if you can join this hiphop crew!


Penwyth Play bring their jaw dropping giant silver pyramid!! Climb this bouncy mountain & get covered in foam trying to reach the summit! Also the pixieland bouncy castle for the under 5's will open all day as usual, and dont forget everything in Kidztown is free!

Sunday Carnival Parade

3.30 pm leaving from Kidztown

For the fourth year running Kidztown have been running an outreach project in Winchester where families and children's groups have participated in Carnival arts workshops and been invited to attend Boomtown for free on the Sunday to join the parade and experience the fun of the festival


Venues & Stages